Zwiebelmuster Table Set, Original Bohemia Porcelain from Dubi

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    Zwiebelmuster Table Set, Original Bohemia Porcelain from Dubi

    Zwiebelmuster Table Set, Original Bohemia Blue Onion Pattern from Dubi

    6x 10002 Diameter: 24cm Height: 4.5cm Weight: 550g
    6x 10004 Diameter: 24cm Height: 3cm  
    Weight: 550g
    6x 10009 Diameter: 19cm Height: 2.5cm Weight: 310g
    1x 10050 Diameter: 24cm 
    Height: 5cm Weight: 660g 
    1x 10058 Heihgt: 4.5cm 
    Length of side: 21cm Weight: 730g
    1x 10070 Height: 4cm 
    Proportions: 35cm x 23cm Weight: 980g
    1x 10100 Volume: 0.55L 
    Height: 10cm Proportions: 22cm x 16cm Weight: 880g
    1x 10113 Diameter: 5cm 
    Height: 7.5cm Weight: 80g
    1x 10114 Diameter: 5cm 
    Height: 7.5cm Weight: 80g
    1x 70081 Volume: 2L 
    Height: 19cm Weigth: 1840g

    Painting (Onion Pattern) is under the glaze which makes the product safe to use in microwave and dishwasher. Breaking the product with a force is the only way to interrupt the painting.
    (Glaze is thin, clear, and protective material applied to ceramics)

    The product is very safe to use - more at
    In Czech Republic, There are many producers of Blue Onion Pattern, but only Bohemia Blue Pattern from Dubi using this trademark:
    ochranná známka
    The trademark has been modified over the years. More you can find here:
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